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Frequently asked Questions


Will this class be different to the free classes over the last 10 weeks?


The main difference will be the increase in interaction between Vanesha and the class as well as amongst the class themselves. Because Vanesha will know who will be attending, she can plan targeted classes, get to know the attendees better and give them a really effective and enjoyable class. We would also envisage the attendees being able to get to know each other, interact and creating a really warm and fun virtual environment where everyone can enjoy their pilates in good company. 


How is Physio Pilates different to regular Pilates?


Vanesha is a Pilates instructor (through the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) while also being an MSc qualified Physiotherapist. This ensures we can accommodate and target any issues you may have. As you will have seen over the last 10 weeks, Vanesha's understanding of the human body allows her to create challenging, effective and enjoyable classes for all abilities while being able to make individual adaptations and recommendations for those with issues or injuries. 


Will these classes be suitable for beginners, intermediate or more advanced?


Due to the online nature of these classes, they would be most suitable for beginners to intermediate experience. For those looking for more advanced Pilates, then we would love to welcome you into Physica Health for face to face Pilates once restrictions allow. This way Vanesha can be more ​hands on, make adjustments where necessary and add in bands and other equipments to provide a greater challenge. Until restrictions are lifted those looking for more advanced Pilates are still more than welcome to join the class - just let Vanesha know that you would like to be pushed that bit harder (and if you have equipment we can integrate that too)!  



I have some issues that I would like to target/work around during these group pilates classes - is this possible?


Of course. This is the beauty of Physio Pilates and working with a Physiotherapist who understands injuries, pathologies and how to make sure you get the most out of Pilates. For this reason, if you have an issue you would like to target or work around such as back pain or an old knee injury, we offer an optional 30 minute video assessment prior to joining the group class. This will allow Vanesha to conduct an assessment to get to know your body better. This will allow her to make specific and individualised recommendations throughout the course of your online pilates classes. Just mention this 30 minute assessment when you come to book your Pilates. 


My friends and I would like to have a class just to ourselves - is this possible?


Yes we would be more than happy to hold a class for you and your friends -  online or in person (once restrictions allow). We can hold these classes at a time that suits you and target you and your friends specific goals, all the while keeping the fun of exercising with your friends. Just get in touch with us to arrange this! 


I'm not sure about a group class and would prefer more personalised 1-1 service - can i do this?


This is no problem. We are happy to offer you 1-1 Pilates at a time that suits you. This option can be useful for those wanting to get to grips with basic before joining a group class or those that prefer individualised 1-1 Pilates in general. 


What platform do you use for online classes and will the connection be good quality?


We have had good success using zoom for our free Pilates over the last 10 weeks of covid lockdown measures. To ensure even better quality we have moved to upgrade our internet fibre connection over the coming days which should improve picture and audio quality as well as ensuring consistency. 


How and when do i pay?


We accept all regular forms of payment - including debit/credit card via phone call or payment link sent directly to your phone. We also accept BACS payments and sometimes recommend direct debit payments at the start of each month for those that want to pay automatically each month. Payments are to be made at the beginning of each month (from next month onwards) while pay as you go attendees can pay anytime up to an hour up before a class


About Us

Our team at Physica Health are all Masters qualified and have specialist Physiotherapy skill sets that range from helping with simple aches and pains all the way through to complex issues and elite sports injuries. With a multitude of the latest specialist skills and qualifications we can assure you a high level of care.

Physica Health, was established in Bagshot, Surrey in 2019 by Damien Kelly & Vanesha Patel. The inspiration behind Physica Health came from their time practicing in Australia (a world leader in this field), where they experienced innovative and advanced physiotherapy practice. This is why they wanted to bring this little piece of Australia back to Surrey.

With over 7 years of elite sports experience, working for London Wasps, Bath Rugby and in private practice Damien is our Sports Clinical Director. 


Vanesha leads our Pilates & Women's Health Physiotherapy services with multiple qualifications and extensive clinical experience in these areas.


Together, Damien & Vanesha are perfectly placed to support you with your needs.